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Presentation: "Buzzwords: Microservices, containers and serverless - real life applications"

Time: Wednesday 12:05 - 12:55 / Location: Promenade Ballroom A

Modern applications are moving away from the traditional request/response loop to more event-driven patterns. The concept of “serverless” computing is floated around when discussing microservices and modern architectural design patterns. But what is serverless, and how - if at all - is it different than microservices?

We’re entering a world where developers won’t have to think about provisioning resources to run their code. While serverless computing sounds like nirvana, there’s an upfront investment in changing development and operational patterns to allow for such a level of automated orchestration. Meanwhile, innovative teams have embraced the use of microservices as a direct response to the costly and cumbersome monolithic methodologies of the past, but new questions have arisen around use cases, planning, and best practices for implementation.

This talk explains why now is the dawn of the serverless age. It also discusses best practices and tools that are available to address the challenges of service-driven architectures head-on while deploying in a serverless environment.

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David Nugent, Developer Advocate at

David Nugent

Biography: David Nugent

Dave works in developer advocacy at, an enterprise job processing platform. He has experience as a Java and JavaScript developer and consultant for PayPal, Kaiser Permanente, NASA, Deutsche Borse Group and the SETI Institute. When he is not building scalable microservice architectures he runs the SF JavaScript and SF Internet of Things user groups.