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Erich Gamma, Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft and member of the "Gang of Four"

Erich Gamma

Biography: Erich Gamma

Since 2011 Erich Gamma is a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft in Zurich and he works with his team on Visual Studio Code ( Before joining Microsoft he worked at IBM Rational Software's Zurich lab and was the technical lead of Rational Team Concert. Erich was one of the leaders of the Eclipse project and the original lead of the Eclipse Java development environment. He is also a member of the Gang of Four, which is known for its classical book, Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. Erich has collaborated with Kent Beck on developing JUnit, the de facto standard testing tool for Java software.

Twitter: @erichgamma



Presentation: The Journey of a Large Scale Application built using JavaScript/TypeScript, Node, Electron, and 100+ OSS Components at Microsoft

Time: Tuesday 09:30 - 10:30 / Location: Grand Ballroom A & B

Having spent over twenty years on developer tools I was convinced that Eclipse is the last development tool I work on. I was wrong. It all started five years ago as an experiment to see what is possible when it comes to developing in the browser using modern JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Five years later we have shipped Visual Studio Code a new smart code editor that is extensible, open source, and runs cross platform. Code is now a 350k+ TypeScript application built using web technologies on top of the Electron shell, Node.js and uses hundreds of open source components. It is fascinating to see how many things have changed since working on Eclipse. It was a fun and interesting journey. In this talk I look back on this journey, describe the design and technology decisions,  the pivots, and what we learnt along the way.