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Justin Flude, Senior Software Engineer at Peak 6

Justin Flude

Biography: Justin Flude

Justin has been hacking at code from the days of teletypes, paper tape and acne. Since then he has written games for the BBC Micro, vector graphics apps for Corel, patches for NetHack and MultiTrek, and in recent years flashy GUIs and high performance networking for the finance industry. He is currently developing trading systems but secretly is a bit obsessed with the possibilities of Go on the Raspberry Pi.

Presentation: High bandwidth data and low-latency Java

Time: Wednesday 13:55 - 14:45 / Location: Grand Ballroom C

Deep dive into the architecture and implementation of a reliable multicast delivery system for the OPRA feed using a lot of Java, some C, and a bit of Go.
This talk will go through a technical overview of the system, focusing on techniques used to integrate a high speed feed into Java, and discuss pitfalls and problems learned along the way.