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Travis Reeder, CTO and Co-Founder of

Travis Reeder

Biography: Travis Reeder

Travis is CTO and Co-Founder of, heading up the architecture and engineering efforts. He has 15+ years of experience developing high-throughput web applications and cloud services. Prior to co-founding, Travis founded ecommStats Web Analytics and SideStripe, both involving processing high volumes of continual streaming data, and has led development teams at Siebel and db4objects. His past experience naturally drew him to cloud infrastructure as it is a natural fit for building scalable applications. Travis holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is an expert and leading speaker, writer, and proponent of Go language. He is an organizer of SF Ruby on Rails
Group and GoSF, the largest GoLang group in the world

Presentation: GO in Production

Time: Tuesday 11:00 - 11:50 / Location: Promenade Ballroom A

Being one of the first companies to use Go in production, the first to publicly hire Go developers and organizers of the largest Go meetup in the world, Travis has a unique perspective on the language and the community around it. Since we started using it, it has become one of the fastest growing languages and is being used in almost all startups (and non-startups) in some way or another.

After making the switch from Ruby to Go - there's plenty to be said after 4 years. A discussion on performance, memory, concurrency, reliability, and deployment are key to exploring Go and it's value in Production. See how it's worked for, strategies for finding talent and explore the community.