Presentation: "Intro to the Clojure Spirit"

Track: Clojure / Time: Friday 10:35 - 11:35 / Location: Room 104/105

Clojure is simple, really. However it is different. Getting Clojure requires more than knowing the syntax and the core ops: it requires taking a deep breath, a step back (to see the bigger pîcture) and letting go of your OO/Algol/imperative reflexes. In this talk I'll cover the core principles of Clojure, what makes its essence. It's an introduction to the Clojure Spirit.

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Christophe Grand, Clojure Contributor and Expert

Christophe Grand

Biography: Christophe Grand

Christophe Grand is an independent software engineer and consultant who has been spoiled by early exposure to functional programming.

His encounter with Clojure was love at first sight: sane state management, metaprogrammability and easy interop with Java, what is not to love?

Christophe is a contributor to Clojure itself and has also authored the massively popular Enlive library as well as the micro webframework Moustache.

Christophe worked for many companies in automotive, industrial and energy sector. He successfully used Clojure for exploratory programming of legacy systems and integration with those systems.

In addition Christophe after having been technical reviewer of noth Practical Clojure and of The Joy Of Clojure, is now writing Clojure Programming to be published by O'Reilly.