Presentation: "Models for concurrent programming for the future"

Track: Java the Platform / Time: Thursday 15:35 - 16:35 / Location: Room 104/105

Are your applications ready for multiple cores? Get a view of the options for how you could be writing massively concurrent applications on the Java platform in the future.

Multiple cores are our reality today, and the number of cores keeps growing at the rate of Moore's law. The Java platform has already proven itself as a solid platform for concurrent programs. Still, writing those concurrent programs is a hard task. In this talk we will be looking at constructs and abstractions available for concurrent programming on the Java platform. From threads, synchronized blocks and locks in pure Java, through software transactional memory in Clojure, to actors in Scala. We will compare and contrast how well each model lends itself to writing real concurrent applications and getting it right, while also keeping an eye on how well each solution performs.

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Tobias Ivarsson, Hacker at Neo Technology

Tobias Ivarsson

Biography: Tobias Ivarsson

Tobias Ivarsson ( is a software developer at graphdatabase company Neo Technology (, thedevelopers of the popular open source graph database Neo4j( Tobiashas always been a tinkerer, taking things apart to understand how theywork, then putting them together again to make them better. When hefirst encountered Neo4j his programming language of choice was Python,so he made the two play nicely together. In order to do that he had totake Jython apart and put it together to support the language constructs ofPython 2.5. The journey has so far taken him deep into the internals ofPython, Java, the JDK and Hotspot, with code contributions to all,emerging with bare-metal familiarity of matters from languageimplementation to concurrency, and driving the machinery of graphdatabases as a member of the Neo4j core team.