Presentation: "Practical CQRS with Windows Azure"

Track: The New and Awesome in .NET / Time: Wednesday 12:05 - 13:05 / Location: Room 204/205

CQRS architecture approaches are an emerging trend for building distributed systems. They bring together multiple time-proven patterns and practices of delivering scalable solutions with rich business value. CQRS is also a natural fit for cloud computing projects, where it provides clear design baseline and allows reducing development and operational costs, while keeping overall complexity at bay.

We will talk about applying CQRS to architect and deliver .NET cloud computing solutions for Windows Azure Platform. Practical tips and lifehacks from the production experience included.

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Rinat Abdullin, Technology Leader at Lokad

Rinat Abdullin

Biography: Rinat Abdullin

Rinat Abdullin is an international software engineer and practitioner for the distributed enterprise applications and cloud computing.

His professional interests currently include: distributed systems, cloud computing, CQRS architectures, efficient software development and a bit of business intelligence.

Rinat Abdullin continuously shares his experience and research with the community in the "Blog on CQRS and Cloud Computing" (, various open-source projects and published learning materials. He is one of the hosts in the “Distributed Podcast” (

Rinat Abdullin is Technology Leader at - company focusing on forecasting software and services being delivered on pay-as-you-go basis; winner of the Windows Azure Partner Award 2010 by Microsoft.