Presentation: "Using Kanban to create and manage product development flow at the program/portfolio level"

Track: Lean and Kanban / Time: Friday 14:05 - 15:05 / Location: Falconer Salen

Kanban is a powerful and flexible system. One of the popular emerging ways of using it, is to create and manage product development flow. Whether for a single project, a program, or a portfolio, we will explore the need for product development flow, see how kanban fulfills this need in a couple of examples from real clients, and discuss the next frontiers for program management flow.
One of the key topics will be the balance between flow and commitment. We will explore how a kanban system can satisfy the need for making and meeting commitments at various levels, exploiting emerging valuable opportunities AND enjoying the benefits of flow/pull.

keywords: Kanban, Lean, Scaling, Enterprise, Flow, Process Improvement

Target Audience: Development Managers, Program/Project Managers, PMOs, IT Managers/CIOs

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Yuval Yeret, Agile Coach at AgileSparks

Yuval Yeret

Biography: Yuval Yeret

Yuval is an Agile Coach ,helping individuals and organization ease their path to Agility and Engineering excellence, focusing on Kanban, Scrum, Lean, and effective R&D in general. He built and is leading the Kanban practice in AgileSparks, the leading Lean/Agile professional services firm in Israel. In this role, he is designing and implementing kanban-influenced solutions at a variety of organizations , including several enterprise-scale global R&D organizations.

Yuval comes from the R&D management world where he practiced what he now preaches.
Starting 1994, Yuval held various positions in IT and R&D, leading up to VP R&D of several IT technology startups where he introduced agile methodologies, as well as served as Product Owner on various occasions.
Yuval is a practicing CSM since 2007, a CSP and CSPO as well as participated in David Anderson's advanced Kanban coaches class.
Yuval holds a BA in Math and Computer Sciences from the Tel Aviv Open University.