Mathias Meyer, Developer Advocate at Basho Technologies and Infrastructure Mad Man

Mathias Meyer

Biography: Mathias Meyer

Mathias Meyer is a Developer Advocate with Basho Technologies. He has worked in cloud infrastructure and automation, with distributed databases and systems, experiencing the joy of both success and failure with all of them. His interest in learning more in all these fields is unhealthy and has turned him to writing the NoSQL Handbook.


Presentation: "Riak in Production - Stories from the Trenches"

Track: Cloud and NoSQL / Time: Thursday 10:35 - 11:30 / Location: Room 202/203

A practical and technical session focussed on how customers use Riak and Riak EnterpriseDS in production.

We'll take a no fluff look at why they chose Riak, what use cases they're using it for, and how they're using it.