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Presentation: "15 Lessons from 15 Years as a Software Architect"

Track: Software architecture / Time: Tuesday 16:50 - 17:50 / Location: Room 102 / 103

In 1995, Ingo started working on some of the first Internet-based online shops, and he continues to work as a software architect more than a decade and a half later. Quite a bit has changed within these years, but a few things however seem to remain true, no matter what the current wave of technology brings us. In this session, Ingo will talk about his experiences as a software architect (and as a consultant to software architects) and about the lessons he has learned which caused projects to succeed - or to fail. After all: the best mistakes to learn from might be the ones you don’t have to make yourself …

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Ingo Rammer, Co-founder, Thinktectur

Ingo Rammer

Biography: Ingo Rammer

Ingo Rammer is co-founder of thinktecture, a company providing in-depth technical consulting and training services for software architects and developers. Ingo is a world-renowned expert for design and development of distributed applications, and he provides architecture, design, and architecture review services for teams of all sizes. He focuses mainly on improving performance, scalability and reliability of critical .NET applications. You can read more about him at