GOTO is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 90 top speaker and 1300 attendees. The conference cover topics such as .Net, Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture and Design, Web, Cloud, New Languages and Processes

Speakers at GOTO Copenhagen 2012

 Adrian  Howard
Adrian Howard,
"Generalising Specialist"
 Alexander  Grosse
Alexander Grosse,
VP Engineering at Soundcloud
 Alexey  Karpik
Alexey Karpik,
Web Platform Developer at Altoros
 Anders  Skovsgaard
Anders Skovsgaard,
Creator of the online scanner
 Benjamin  Mitchell
Benjamin Mitchell,
Systems Thinking, Lean and Kanban for Software Product Development
 Bernd  Schiffer
Bernd Schiffer,
Coach and trainer at the leading company for Agile SW Dev. in Germany
 Brian  LeRoux
Brian LeRoux,
Mobile web nerd working on PhoneGap.
 Brian  Rasmussen
Brian Rasmussen,
Next generation C# and Visual Basic language
 Chris  Anderson
Chris Anderson,
co-founder of Couchbase and an Apache CouchDB committer
 Chris  Berridge
Chris Berridge,
Awarded Agile Project/ Programme Manager
 Chris  Nodder
Chris Nodder,
Interface Tamer
 Dave  Snowden
Dave Snowden,
Creator of the Cynefin framework and expert of complexity theory applied to orgs
 Don  Reinertsen
Don Reinertsen,
Consultant and Author of "The Principles of Product Development Flow"
 Eoin  Woods
Eoin Woods,
Lead software architect at UBS Investment Bank
 Erik  Doernenburg
Erik Doernenburg,
Head of Technology Europe at ThoughtWorks.
 Fredrik  Ohrstrom
Fredrik Ohrstrom,
Evolves the Java language, the JRockit and Hotspot JVM
 George  Fairbanks
George Fairbanks,
Software Architecture Consultant, Rhino Research
 Glenn  Block
Glenn Block,
Alt.NET mole in Microsoft
 Graham  Lee
Graham Lee,
Security consultant and author of ”Professional Cocoa Application Security”
 Henrik Lykke Nielsen
Henrik Lykke Nielsen,
Founder of Captator
 Horia  Dragomir
Horia Dragomir,
Metrics-driven game development
 Ian  Plosker
Ian Plosker,
Technical Lead, International Operations at Basho Technologies
 Ingo  Rammer
Ingo Rammer,
Co-founder, Thinktectur
 Itai  Hochman
Itai Hochman,
VP Engineering at Outbrain
 Jakob Illeborg Pagter
Jakob Illeborg Pagter,
Cryptographic Techniques Guru
 Janne Jul  Jensen
Janne Jul Jensen,
Interaction Designer and Usability Specialist
 Jeffrey  Fredrick
Jeffrey Fredrick,
Internationally recognized expert on Continuous Integration
 Jesper  Boeg
Jesper Boeg,
Agile/Lean Coach and Author of Priming Kanban
 Jesper Mads Bartroff Frederiksen
Jesper Mads Bartroff Frederiksen,
Front End Innovation at Coloplast AS
 Jevgeni  Kabanov
Jevgeni Kabanov,
Founder and CTO of ZeroTurnaround
 Joakim  Sandström
Joakim Sandström,
Founder at nSense
 Johanna  Kollmann
Johanna Kollmann,
User Experience person passionate about collaboration
 John  Nolan
John Nolan,
Turning the cutting edge into the bleeding edge (with the scars to prove it)
 John-Henry  Harris
John-Henry Harris,
LEGO toy designer inspire the builders of tomorrow
 Jérôme  Giraud
Jérôme Giraud,
Software engineer at Orange and founder of WINK
 Kasper  Lund
Kasper Lund,
Google V8 Team and Dart Team
 Lydia  Winters
Lydia Winters,
MinecraftChick and Director of Fun for Mojang
 Mark  Seemann
Mark Seemann,
Creator of AutoFixture; author of Dependency Injection in .NET
 Martin  Ferro-Thomsen
Martin Ferro-Thomsen,
Founder & CEO of Conferize and Co-Founder of Issuu
 Matthew  Torkington
Matthew Torkington,
Senior Technical Consultant at Electric Cloud
 Michael T.  Nygard
Michael T. Nygard,
Author of "Release It!"
 Michele  Ide-Smith
Michele Ide-Smith,
UX Specialist who likes Building Teams and Communities
 Nat  Pryce
Nat Pryce,
Author of "Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests" and developer of the jMock mock-object library.
 Patrick  Debois
Patrick Debois,
Bridging the gap between projects and operations
 Per  Jonsson
Per Jonsson,
CEO & Co-founder at Omnicloud
 Peter  Almquist
Peter Almquist,
Chief Technology Officer of Starcounter
 Peter  Neubauer
Peter Neubauer,
Founder and VP Product Management at Neo Technology
 Phil  Calcado
Phil Calcado,
 Phil  Trelford
Phil Trelford,
Open Source author. Developer of LOB apps and other games. Hipster F#er
 Portia  Tung
Portia Tung,
Global Agile and Lean Coach
 Poul-Henning  Kamp
Poul-Henning Kamp,
UNIX guru at large
 Rich  Hickey
Rich Hickey,
Creator of Clojure
 Sergey  Bushik
Sergey Bushik,
Senior R&D Engineer at Altoros
 Simon  Brown
Simon Brown,
Coding the Architecture
 Stefan  Edlich
Stefan Edlich,
Senior Lecturer at Beuth HS of Technology Berlin
 Stephanie  Kaiser
Stephanie Kaiser,
Monster World at wooga
 Steve  Freeman
Steve Freeman,
Pioneer of Agile, Chair the first London XpDay
 Stuart  Halloway
Stuart Halloway,
Author of "Programming Clojure" and "Rails for Java Developers"
 Tobias  Gedell
Tobias Gedell,
Super user of F#
 Tobias  Karlsson
Tobias Karlsson,
Sr Solutions Architect, VMware
 Tom  Santero
Tom Santero,
Technical Evangelist for Basho Technologies
 Trisha  Gee
Trisha Gee,
high performance JAVA coding and developer at LMAX
 Vitaly  Osipov
Vitaly Osipov,
Security architect at Atlassian and Author of security books
 Wanda  Marginean
Wanda Marginean,
Technical Account Manager & Agile Adoption Expert at Rally Software
 Yoav  Abrahami
Yoav Abrahami,
Chief Architect at Wix
 Yves  Reynhout
Yves Reynhout,
Technical lead at UltraGenda