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Presentation: "Choose the "right" database"

Track: Navigating the BigData Ocean / Time: Tuesday 10:35 - 11:35 / Location: Room 104 / 105

Talk 1: Convince your boss: choose the "right" database

Several hundred databases, a huge amount of persistence requirements and DB buzzwords dizzying around us. Welcome in the age of polyglot persistence. This talk will show 'real' database trade offs and well grounded NoSQL arguments. Therefore we present research for an expert system to recommend the best suitable database. We will show categories and questions to be asked in search for the truth. Furthermore we present typical experiences from NoSQL-Consulting in Germany where companies try to reinvent their persistence layer.

Talk 2: NewSQL! NoSQL under attack

One of the biggest credits NoSQL deserves is to unveil the weaknesses of classical database systems. But it looks like the classic relational world has listened to these hints: Now they promise to provide scalability with full transactional support while retaining the familiar relational model with SQL access. This new group of systems is now referred to as "NewSQL" and leads to a fruitful competition between the two worlds. This talk summarizes the newest of NoSQL and shows systems that lead the NewSQL space.

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Stefan Edlich, Senior Lecturer at Beuth HS of Technology Berlin

Stefan Edlich

Biography: Stefan Edlich

Prof. Dr. Stefan Edlich is a senior lecturer at Beuth HS of Technology Berlin with a focus on Object Databases, NoSQL, Software-Engineering, Mobile Development and E-Learning. He sold his first commercial software in 1986 and has a 27 year development experience. Beside a many scientific papers and journal articles he is a continuous speaker on conferences, it-events concerning enterprise, OO, ODBMS topics since 1993 (like OOP or JAX). Furthermore he is the author of twelve IT books he wrote for Apress, OReilly, Spektrum, Elsevier, Hanser and other publishers. He is a founding member of e.V.

In 2008 he started the the worlds First International Conference on Object Databases ( which was continued 2009 at ETH-Zürich and 2010 in Frankfurt. Finally he runs the NoSQL Archiv, organizes NoSQL Events and wrote the worlds first two NoSQL books