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Presentation: "Functional Architecture"

Track: Software architecture / Time: Tuesday 15:35 - 16:35 / Location: Room 102 / 103

Much has been made of the promise of functional programming to solve the pressing issues of concurrency woes as we move to a world of multi-core and distribute computing. In this talk I'll draw on my own commercial experience of designing and developing large enterprise applications across a range of industries discussing potential sweet spots for functional programming like domain modelling, domain specific languages and of course concurrency. Along with where object-orientated or a mixed approach may be more appropriate.

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Phil Trelford, Open Source author. Developer of LOB apps and other games. Hipster F#er

Phil Trelford

Biography: Phil Trelford

Phil Trelford is a Software Architect at an ISV supplying real-time electronic trading software. His career so far spans over 15 years, with experience in video games, leisure, retail and financial sectors.

Phil’s recent commercial development work has been with C++, C#, SQL, JavaScript, and includes over 2 years developing F# applications at Microsoft.