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Khurram Nizami, Senior Software Engineer within the IBM Competitive Project Office (CPO)

Khurram Nizami

Biography: Khurram Nizami

Khurram specializes in helping customers apply practical solutions to SDLC challenges. Khurram’s prior experience and roles include Software Development & Delivery Manager and Technical Lead for multiple full software development lifecycle projects tied to multi-million dollar revenue sources for Fortune 100 companies. Prior to joining IBM, he was a manager in the Systems Development & Integration practice for Cap Gemini. He has 17+ years of experience in software development & delivery.

Khurram holds a Master of Science degree in Management of Technology from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Oakland University. He is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional. He is a co-author of the redbook, 'Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management with IBM Rational Products'. He has written multiple articles & papers for industry leading publications such as the Agile Journal and Dr. Dobbs.

Presentation: Shift Left with Service Virtualization: Rational Test Workbench & Test Virtualization Server

Track: Transform Application Delivery for Faster Innovation / Time: Tuesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Frederik

Service virtualization enables your teams to automate the testing of integrations in complex application environments much earlier in the development lifecycle – enabling a “Shift Left” approach. This session will show you how you can model and simulate real system behavior to eliminate system test dependencies and reduce the setup and infrastructure costs of traditional testing environments. IBM’s solution enables you to “virtualize” a large collection of protocols and services that are unsuitable or unavailable for functional, integration and performance testing without reconfiguring your original application environment.

Presentation: Establish a Continuous Delivery Pipeline: IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Track: Transform Application Delivery for Faster Innovation / Time: Tuesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Frederik

In order to achieve Continuous Delivery, you need to do more than just push code around. Attend this session to learn techniques used in Continuous Delivery that enable teams to deliver software faster with less risk. We’ll show how the IBM UrbanCode enables rapid deployment of components and composite applications in concert with other delivery steps like configuring environments and automating tests.

Presentation: Continuously Improve Mobile App Quality: IBM Mobile Quality Assurance

Track: Transform Application Delivery for Faster Innovation / Time: Tuesday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Frederik

As mobile app users, we want to love the apps we use; and when we don't, we tend to make noise about it. This is why the reputation and success of your business can blossom or collapse on the quality of your mobile channel. Are your apps fast, elegant and intuitive? Are they secure and reliable? Are they fun to use? Do you know? Can you turn around a better app before the flames erupt and your customer base erodes? In this session we will discuss the importance of and impediments to delivering high quality mobile apps, and explore solutions from IBM that can help you continuously assure the technical and emotional quality of your mobile apps.

Presentation: Achieve Agility with Cloud Based Development: Bluemix and IBM DevOps Services

Track: Transform Application Delivery for Faster Innovation / Time: Tuesday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Frederik

Learn how cloud based software development provides more flexibility and agility to developers throughout the software development lifecycle. We'll cover IBM's premiere PaaS offerings for cloud based development: Bluemix and IBM DevOps Services. We'll build and run a node.js application in the cloud to show you the advantages and benefits you can gain from using Bluemix & DevOps services. We’ll also cover things you should look for in cloud based development solutions.