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Mike Long, Praqma Norway

Mike Long

Biography: Mike Long

Mikes specialties include coaching and mentoring teams to adopt modern technical practices in complex embedded and legacy environments.
Mike has more than 10 years of professional software engineering experience, working in a variety of cultures and business domains. He has developed software for every type of embedded system, from 8-bit micro controllers, 24-bit DSPs, to 32 bit and SOCs. He considers software as a craft, and enjoy sharing the pursuit of technical excellence with fellow professionals.  Mike organizes the Oslo Embedded Software meetup group and the Embedded/IoT track at the NDC conference in Oslo.
Twitter: @meekrosoft

Presentation: Continuous Delivery for Embedded Systems

Track: Fast and Continous Delivery / Time: Monday 17:00 - 17:50 / Location: Grandball

Continuous Delivery is all the rage, but many of the practices are not applied in the embedded world because the literature seems to focus on the web development community. That is a great shame, because there is a great deal we can apply on our embedded software development projects. This talk will show you how to apply some of the key techniques, such as embedded versioning and software traceability, embedded continuous delivery pipelines, acceptance testing with hardware, automatic deployment to hardware, continuous deployment. Beyond that, the talk will show some real-life examples of companies who are at the leading edge of this adoption.

Presentation: OpsDev: Designing an automated product company

Track: Solutions Track 2 / Time: Tuesday 17:00 - 17:50 / Location: Børsen

A product company has one purpose of operation: deliver quality products to customers. The value proposition of Devops is to give developers control over IT operations so they have the power to remove bottlenecks and automate quality.  This is great if your product is software, but how does that fit into a world where hardware design, algorithm development and manufacturing all are part of the puzzle?

Answering the following questions from an industrial point of view: How do you develop, control, and maintain an advanced product line of smart HW products? How does Continuous Delivery fit into an organization desigin hardware, software and manufacturing? How do you set-up a quality toolchain that starts with design and ends up in a product at the customers desk?  

This presentation will explore a case study of Novelda, a highly ambitious radar company.