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Preben Thorø, Software Pilot at Trifork

Preben Thorø

Biography: Preben Thorø

Preben has been with Trifork since the early days, and over the past years, he has been part of establishing Trifork GmbH in Zurich. During his +15 years in the business he has taken various positions and roles like programmer/developer, consultant, project manager, team leader, coach and more. He has a strong focus on user experience and making people working efficiently together to meet the end user needs. Prebens main technical focus lies on the mobile platforms, but being a spare time electronics hacker, it often involves the combination of sensors, gadgets, and a mobile phone.

Presentation: The New Mash-Up Platform - (or I'd wish they had been around when I was a child)

Track: Robotics and Drones / Time: Monday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Christiansborg

It used to be for a certain kind of nerds only. But recently, drones have become a kind of consumer electronics. Maybe the clearest sign of us expecting to see more and more drones in the near future, is the fact that we have made restrictions about where and how to fly them. It is the happy dot-com days combined with the golden age of mobile apps revisited. Useful and not so useful usage patterns arise and no idea is too far out. In this talk, we will take a closer look at one of the commercially available, serious and yet buyable quad-copters, and most importantly, how we can use its SDK in our own apps. All code shown will be Objective C, but no iOS knowledge as such is needed to understand the examples.