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Sebastian Brandes, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft

Sebastian Brandes

Biography: Sebastian Brandes

I am a Developer Evangelist in the world's most awesome company (aka. Microsoft) where I work with Modern Apps, Cloud Computing and Developer Tools. I have a great passion for technology and every day I work with driving Microsoft technologies forward on all kinds of different platforms.

Prior to Microsoft, I have co-founded two startups and led software development teams in building cloud-hosted SaaS applications for both business and consumer markets. I have spoken at a ton of events on software development (focusing on C# and JavaScript) and I keep an active GitHub profile, as I am strong believer in Open Source Software.

I hold a Master of Science in Economics and Quantitative Methods and I have completed a range of certifications within the areas of finance, project management and Microsoft products. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via my website.

Twitter: @sebastianbk 

Presentation: Developing IoT Solutions with Windows 10 and Azure

Track: Windows 10 ecosystem / Time: Tuesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Rosenborg

The IoT wave is over us and boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Edison enable everybody to join the maker culture. You can build anything with these small low-cost micro-computers, easily connect sensors and build anything from watering automation systems, weather stations that collecting telemetry data from temperature and humidity sensors or a drone guidance systems. All with familiar tools such as Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio.
The presentation will demonstrate how to build your IoT solution with Visual Studio and integrate it with the Cloud; enabling cost efficient and scalable computations of the large datasets gathered from the thousands of IoT devices deployed.
Expect a fun and interactive session with lots of demos in the company of Sebastian and Anders.