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Steve Smith, Atlassian

Steve Smith

Biography: Steve Smith

Steve Smith has worked at Atlassian for over 8 years, both as a sysadmin and a developer. Prior to that he worked on tanks and radars in the Outer Hebrides, telecoms systems in Hong Kong, and in startups in Australia. He now works out of Atlassian's Amsterdam offices, focusing on high-availability, continuous-deployment and platform migration issues.

Twitter: @tarkasteve

Presentation: Continuous deployment for a billion dollar order system

Track: Fast and Continous Delivery / Time: Monday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Grandball

Continuous deployment is causing organizations to rethink how they build and release software. Atlassian is adopting this model throughout the company, but not all teams have the same challenges to overcome in doing so. Steve Smith lead the team that converted the company's critical order-processing system from a monolithic, single-server application to a continuously-deployed, high-availablity platform. Along the way there were a lot of practical and organizational issues that needed to be addressed in adopting this development model; in this presentation he shares some of the experiences and lessons of doing so. This talk covers continuous deployment from a number of different angles; high-availability requirements, development processes (in particular git-based branching workflow), practical delivery technologies (including analysis of the trade-offs), and organisational considerations and bottlenecks (e.g. SOX/PCI compliance issues).