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Presentation: "Groovy actors and concurrent dataflow with GPars"

Track: Solution Track Wednesday / Time: Wednesday 13:30 - 14:15 / Location: Don Giovanni 3

Low-level concurrency handling is usually hard to get right. And it's not much fun either. Now, when parallel systems are the norm in the mainstream, it has become obvious that the common shared-memory multithreading causes more troubles than it solves. In this hands-on session we will go through the concurrency options that GPars (, an open-source concurrency library for Groovy and Java, gives to your Groovy/Grails/Griffon or Java applications. We'll cover parallel collection processing, fork/join, asynchronous closures, actors, dataflow concurrency and other concepts, which aim to make your code concurrent with little effort.
If you want to learn how to safely harness all the cores in modern processors, this session is for you.

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Václav Pech, Senior Software Developer and Technology Evangelist at JetBrains

Václav Pech

Biography: Václav Pech

Václav is a programming enthusiast who's constantly seeking ways to make development more effective and enjoyable. He's particularly interested in server-side Java technologies, distributed systems, parallel programming, agile methodologies, modern programming languages and DSLs. He works for JetBrains as a senior software developer and a technology evangelist. On the side, he's leading the GPars project (, an opensource concurrency library, investigates the domains of neural networks, evolutionary programming and data mining.