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Karl Krukow, Trifork, Clojure hacker

Karl Krukow

Biography: Karl Krukow

Karl Krukow works as a software pilot at Trifork. He graduated as a PhD student from University of Aarhus in 2006 with a thesis that was mostly theoretical computer science. He has worked with JavaScript for more than 5 years, consulting, teaching and programming, and has extensive experience with the Ext JS JavaScript framework. His current professional passion is the Clojure programming language due to its "immense depth, beauty and it making a significant contribution to simplifying programming – all while remaining practical." Karl has started a number of open source projects (like clj-ds and stomple) and often writes technical articles about JavaScript, Clojure and Ruby on his blog.
Twitter: @karlkrukow

Presentation: Breaking News from Google: Dart, a new programming language for structured web programming

Time: Tuesday 17:45 - 18:30 / Location: Don Giovanni 1

Breaking news:
Presentation about Google`s brand new programming language "Dart" in the afternoon keynote speak at GOTO Prague Conference. Join us and GOTO Prague and get all the details.