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Pavlo Baron, Engineering solutions based on computer systems

Pavlo Baron

Biography: Pavlo Baron

Pavlo Baron lives and works in Munich. He has gained knowledge of and put in to practice a wide variety of technologies. He works for codecentric, a german consulting company, as their lead architect. His passion is hacking Erlang code and playing with distributed systems and large data sets, something he spends his own time doing. Pavlo is frequent conference speaker and has written three German books:

"Erlang/OTP", "Pragmatic IT Architecture" and"Fragile Agile".

Twitter: @pavlobaron

Presentation: The agile alibi

Track: Agile Tuesday / Time: Tuesday 11:45 - 12:30 / Location: Don Giovanni 1

Agility is unstoppable on its way into modern software development teams and corporate ITs in general. But because of agility being much more of an approach and a way of thinking than a fixed procedure, it can get and in many places gets misused as justification of chaotic processes. This talk satirically screens this grievence.

Presentation: Theoretical aspects of distributed systems - playfully illustrated

Track: Architecture Wednesday / Time: Wednesday 15:30 - 16:15 / Location: Don Giovanni 1

If you want to know about the principles and pitfalls of building distributed systems, you can either make your way through a whole pile of pretty prosaic theoretical books or you can just come into this talk and understand some of them real fast by watching a little playfull demostration. It's your choice.