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Sergey Zabaluev, Solution Architect, C.T.Co

Sergey Zabaluev

Biography: Sergey Zabaluev

From 1997 to 2001, Sergey worked at Optum Riga, where he led software engineering teams distributed across US and Europe, and pioneered rapid delivery of IT solutions using agile development methods in the role of Chief Technology Officer. During that time he received hands-on experience in California, delivering projects for startup incubators and technology startups using Java platform. Since 2001, he is at C.T.Co, where he contributed to the company’s agile transformation and served as an agile coach, technical architect and a project manager.

Presentation: Architecture of Enterprise Mobile Apps

Track: Architecture Tuesday / Time: Tuesday 15:45 - 16:30 / Location: Don Giovanni 1

Many companies are embracing mobile technology nowadays and it’s pretty common to introduce mobile apps for the customers. But what about the internal apps for the enterprise? There is no unified strategy in the industry on the best way to approach this. What use cases are relevant? What are the pros and cons of native and web mobile applications? What about hybrid approaches? How do we deal with offline usage, security? How do we integrate with existing systems? In this talk, I’ll share the experience of developing enterprise mobile apps, covering solution architecture, integration patterns, user experience design, security and deployment aspects.