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Chris Molozian, Software Engineer at Basho

Chris Molozian

Biography: Chris Molozian

Chris Molozian is a Client Services Engineer at Basho Technologies. He works closely with customers to build solutions with Riak, the open-source distributed database. Prior to working at Basho, he helped develop broker-neutral trading platforms for the Option/Equity markets and numerous software tools to interact with financial data.

Presentation: Databases for the Cloud more Short Talks

Track: Databases for the Cloud / Time: Thursday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Millennium B

More and more databases crop up every year, and it can be difficult to navigate and filter through all the possibly options. Previously, once SQL was chosen it was a matter of finding out which provider to use. These days, we first need to find out if we are going for SQL, a key-value store, a document database or something completely different. And once that's chosen, what system should we use?

This talk aims at presenting some current cloud friendly databases and briefly present their data model, strengths and weaknesses.

Apache HBase: Introduction to a column-oriented data store / 15:50 - 16:00

Apache HBase is the distributed and versioned open-source Hadoop data store for random read/write access. This talk will give an overview of its building blocks and how HBase works under the hood.

by Christian Gügi

Large objects in the Cloud / 16:05 - 16:15

I'll be discussing the recent open-sourcing of Riak Cloud Storage, touch very briefly how it works and different use cases for the product.

by Chris Molozian