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Pete Jones, Business Architect and Distance Runner

Pete Jones

Biography: Pete Jones

Pete has 25 years experience in the IT Industry. His experience ranges from real-time embedded development (assembler) to process improvement associated with large scale ERP implementations.

His people centric approach to working ensures teams really understand their needs. Frequently this approach relegates most documentation to "shelfware".

A regular at the IEEE Requirements Engineering conference series, he is a regular contributor to this and other requirements engineering forums.

Pete is also co-creator of, a collection of development tools designed to help teams manage innovation through the development process based on the maturity of ideas.

Presentation: 6 x 9 = 42? Don't panic - Refurbish your Backlogs

Track: Leaders Track: Lean Startup & Innovation / Time: Thursday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Pendulum

How to deliver an intergalactic highway (apologies to Douglas Adams) in four easy steps. We present a way to refurbish backlogs. This way enables teams to make conscious decisions about what kind of work to focus on when. Help your teams to escape from the so disastrous and exhausting trap sprinting the backlog with an horizon of the next sprint only. New inspiring ideas, the feasibility and value of which are disputed, can thus mature smoothly to innovations on the road. No panic needed.