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Scott Ambler, Founder of the Agile Modeling Methodology

Scott Ambler

Biography: Scott Ambler

Scott is Principal of Scott Ambler + Associates, working with organizations around the world to help them to improve their software processes. He is the founder of the Agile Modeling (AM), Agile Data (AD), Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), and Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) methodologies and creator of the Agile Scaling Model (ASM). Scott is the (co-)author of twenty books, including Disciplined Agile Delivery, Refactoring Databases, Agile Modeling, Agile Database Techniques, The Object Primer 3rd Edition, and The Enterprise Unified Process. Scott is a senior contributing editor with Dr. Dobb’s Journal and his company’s home page is

Twitter: @scottwambler

Presentation: KEYNOTE: Disciplined Agile Delivery: The Foundation for Scaling Agile

Time: Wednesday 09:00 - 09:50 / Location: Millennium A

The Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) process framework is a goal-driven, hybrid agile framework which adopts strategies from Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Agile Modeling, Lean Software Development, Kanban, Unified Process, and other modern methods. The DAD framework, which has a full delivery lifecycle and is enterprise aware, is the foundation from which to scale agile successfully. Scaling factors such as team size, geographic distribution, regulatory compliance, technical complexity, domain complexity, organization distribution, or organizational complexity will affect the way that you organize your team and tailor your process. In this keynote Scott Ambler will overview the DAD framework, describe what it means to be agile at scale, share industry statistics regarding agility at scale, and discuss how disciplined agile teams actually work at scale. Examples of how agile testing and quality strategies differ at scale will be covered.

Presentation: Introduction to Lean: Principles and Practices for Scaling Agile

Track: Lean Development / Time: Thursday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Millennium A

Lean approaches to software development are taking the industry by storm, and as a result many people have questions about it. What does it mean to be lean? What are the advantages of a lean approach? How do lean and agile fit together? This presentation overviews the underlying principles and concepts of lean software development and the practices introduced by the Lean Startup and Kanban movements. You will discover how lean supports a disciplined agile approach to solution delivery, how it explains why agile works, and why enables agility at scale.

Workshop: Advanced Disciplined Agile Delivery: Scaling Scrum/Agile for the Enterprise

Track: Agile Training / Time: Monday 09:00 - Tuesday 18:00 / Location: Quartz

There is a lot more to agile solution delivery than Scrum. First, it’s about delivering solutions, not just developing software. Second, you need to address the complete delivery lifecycle from end-to-end, not just construction. Third, you need to address all aspects of delivery – architecture, testing, programming, analysis, and more – not just project leadership and change management. Fourth, you often need to work in situations that are more complex than small co-located teams. Fifth, there are hundreds of agile techniques to choose from and then combine but that’s a difficult and expensive endeavor without coherent guidance.

Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) is a process decision framework is a people-first, hybrid agile solution delivery process that is goal-driven, governed, and enterprise aware. The first day of this hands-on workshop is a deep dive into the fundamentals of Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) with an activities-based view of the process framework. On the second day participants explore how to take a goals-driven approach to tailor DAD to address the unique situation they find themselves in. Is your team large? Is it geographically distributed? Does it need to conform to regulations? Does it face a complex business problem domain? Do you face cultural challenges within your organization that makes it difficult to be agile? Workshop participants will work through how to address these scaling factors and more.

Workshop participants will receive a certificate of completion and earn fourteen professional development units (PDUs).

Day one: Disciplined Agile Delivery Overview

  • A Disciplined Agile Manifesto
  • Foundations of DAD
    • People first
    • Hybrid agile process
    • Goal-driven
    • Incremental delivery of consumable solutions
    • Risk and value driven
    • Governed
    • Enterprise aware
    • Scalable
  • The DAD lifecycle
    • Basic/Agile
    • Advanced/Lean
    • Continuous delivery
  • How do you address…
    • Architecture
    • Business analysis
    • Testing
    • Project management
    • Design
    • Programming
    • Data management
  • Governing DAD teams

Day Two: Disciplined Agile Delivery at Scale

  • Embracing a goal-driven approach
  • Tailoring DAD for
    • Large Teams
    • Geographic Distribution
    • Domain Complexity
    • Technical Complexity
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Outsourcing
  • Adopting DAD
    • Context counts – Tailoring your adoption strategy
    • How individuals transition to DAD
    • How teams transition to DAD
    • How organizations transition to DAD
    • Got discipline?

Target Audience

  • Experienced IT professionals wanting to adopt disciplined agile strategies
  • Experienced agilists wanting to increase their understanding of DAD
  • People who have taken Disciplined Agile 101 and require a refresher

Workshop Logistics

Length: Two days – 14 hours of classroom time plus breaks
Approach: For each major topic in the agenda there will be instruction followed by group work
Pre-requisites: Students are familiar with agile software development concepts

This workshop is your first step towards becoming a Disciplined Agile Black Belt.  See for details about the new Disciplined Agile certification program.