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Sam Aaron, Postdoc Researcher at The University of Cambridge

Sam Aaron

Biography: Sam Aaron

Sam is interested in domain specific languages, the aesthetics of programming languages and the more general concept of language oriented programming.

He is inspired by people who look further afield than the traditional literature to bring powerful new ideas and concepts back to the field of computing.

As such, he's currently performing postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge exploring the combination of low-level efficient real-time systems with high-level expressive languages and interfaces towards the creation of new systems for the improvisation of music.

Twitter: @samaaron

Presentation: HyperAgile: Empowering Creativity within Software Development Processes

Track: Polyglot Programming / Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Century B

Highly interactive programming languages provide developers with a remarkable ability to empower their creativity through a unique and highly responsive development process. This can be seen to broadly similar to the differences between the waterfall model and more recent agile approaches yet at an different timescale - that of moments vs minutes, rather than days vs weeks. Programming with an approach which allows one moment to flow frictionlessly to another without having to wait for compile cycles gives the developer a unique HyperAgile workflow which will be examined in detail in this talk.