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Vince Baskerville, Product guy Lithium Technologies

Vince Baskerville

Biography: Vince Baskerville

Product guy @LithiumTech, Co.Founder @TripLingo, an avid member of the tech community, founder for Atlanta User Experience Group, and papa-2-be with my beautiful wife. I attempt to maintain an industry blog at while I've been working as a Developer and Designer for over a decade and I'm known for crafting highly intuitive/engaging digital products — in addition for being an adrenaline junkie! I've had the opportunity to work for the military (I was enlisted in the US Navy and did various consulting work afterwards), educational institutions, creative agencies and startups. That said, currently much of my time is being focused on Lithium, and advising a few local startups.

Twitter: @whoisvince

Presentation: Designing Happiness

Track: Mobile & Usability, Interaction Design / Time: Wednesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Millennium B

Designing Happiness isn't just about proper pixel placement, fancy animations or unnecessary mobile gestures. This is about trying to genuinely understand that our users aren't just "click's or views" and instead people with complex emotions. User Experience Design is a wrapper that contains the vision, strategy and overall design in mind while going through the stages of building a product, and as digital professionals we can use Maslow's hierarchy of needs to re-map the emotional connections to our products.

Presentation: Mobile, Metrics & Meyham

Track: Deciding Mobile / Time: Thursday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Millennium B

When delivering mobile solutions, many people often try to bring a 1-to-1 mind-set of analytics to mobile from their desktop-web experiences; however, mobile is too young. Although not in its infancy, it's still much like the wild west. Before planting analytic hooks into our mobile applications we must understand the story first before mining for data — there's more besides just focusing on the physical limitations. This session will present 6 mobile metric categories that will help you make decisions on how to forecast what features to cut, expand or attract more attention with.