Presentation: "CouchApps: Building Web Applications with just a Browser and CouchDB"

Track: BROWSER AS A PLATFORM / Time: Tuesday 11:30 - 12:30 / Location: Store Sal, Musikhuset

CouchDB is more than just a database. It's a web server, an application server and data storage, all wrapped into one application.

Its JavaScript capabilities and the fact that it speaks the web's language, HTTP, natively, makes it possible to deploy full web applications that allow direct interaction between the browser and the database. They're hosted and running inside CouchDB, therefore having direct access to all of CouchDB's document and data query features, even allowing real-time updates of any changes happening inside the database.

It's hard to imagine leaving out the application server in your stack, even the web server, when CouchDB can do everything you need to help you build and serve web applications. We'll look at everything you need to know to get started with CouchDB, how you can access and store data, and how you can build entire web applications as CouchApps.

Keywords: Databases, JavaScript, Web Applications, NoSQL
Target Audience: Web and JavaScript developers with a knack for databases

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Mathias Meyer, Chief Visionary, Peritor GmbH

Mathias Meyer

Biography: Mathias Meyer

Mathias Meyer works for Peritor, a Ruby on Rails and Amazon Web Services consultancy in Berlin. Apart from playing with new technologies, especially from the glamorous world of post-relational databases, his urge to automate just about anything has become nothing short of an obsession. It ultimately lead to the development of Scalarium (, an awesome cloud management and deployment platform.

Software Passion: I love automating things