Aarhus Facts

The second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus, hums with student activity and cafe culture all year round. Experience art ranking among the best in the world at the art museum ARoS - and meet a gigantic boy. Or meet the people of the past at an open air museum - Den Gamle By (The Old Town) . Everything is in walking distance in Aarhus. ARoS is placed right beside the Conference Building.

Aarhus was first settled by Vikings in the 7th century. They called it "Aros," an Old Norse word meaning "river mouth." The city has two 13th century cathedrals. Today Aarhus is center of more than 25 higher education and research centers and more than 40.000 students.

Aarhus is placed right by the see surounded by forest. See map of Aarhus


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ARoS (Art Museum)
Moesgaard (Prehistoric Museum)
Den Gamle By (The Old Town)
Steno Museum (History of Science & Medicine)