Workshop: "Developing Rich Clients with Eclipse 4.0"

Track: TRAINING: LANGUAGES AND PLATFORMS / Time: Friday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: SAS Radisson Blu

The Eclipse 4.0 SDK brings a lot of exiting new features. One goal of Eclipse 4.0 was to make the development of plug-ins and rich client applications easier. In this tutorial, Kai will give an overview of selected new Eclipse 4.0 features. During the tutorial you will develop a small but complete Eclipse 4.0 Rich Client Platform based application that demonstrates many of the new features. This tutorial is a hands-on tutorial, so please bring your own notebook with the latest Java JDK and Eclipse 4.0 SDK installed.

The following topics will be covered:
  • Introduction to Eclipse 4.0
  • Creating a “Hello, World” RCP 4.0 application
  • Workbench model
  • Toolbar, menu, parts, commands, and handlers
  • Dependency injection
  • Services
  • Look & Feel customization with CSS
  • Dynamic theme switching
  • Rendering Engine
Keywords: Java, Eclipse, RCP, e4, CSS, Look & Feel, UI, Hot Topic, Architecture, Dependency Injection, Modelling

Target audience: Java developers/architects who are interested in the new features of the Eclipse 4.0 Rich Client Platform

Participants attending this training course have to bring a notebook with Java 6 JDK installed

Kai Toedter, Siemens Corporate Technology

Kai Toedter

Biography: Kai Toedter

Kai Tödter is software engineer/architect in the Global Technology Field “System Architecture and Platforms” of Siemens Corporate Technology. He has more than 14 years of professional Java experience. His main interest is software architecture for smart clients and he focuses on rich client and RIA platforms like. Kai is Siemens' primary contact in the Eclipse Foundation and he is committer in the e4 project. Kai is an renowned expert in the area of Eclipse RCP and a frequent speaker at international conferences.
Software Passion: I am passionate about all UI-related software technologies. My motto is: it’s not enough to be great on a functional level, the look & feel also has to be great!

Twitter: @kaitoedter
Personal website: