Presentation: "From months to minutes - upping the stakes"

Track: MANAGEMENT IN AGILE SETTINGS / Time: Wednesday 14:45 - 15:45 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

So you've made the shift from thinking in multi-year project delivery to releasing every quarter, or even every few weeks. You rock! Then you meet a team that delivers enterprise-grade software every few days, sometimes even several times in the same day, to delighted and engaged users.

What's their secret? Is it the team? Their leadership? Their technology choices? Their methodology? Is it the organisational culture? Or is it just a massive fluke?

Find out what makes a genuinely hyper-performing team tick (and how to survive in one!) and pick up some tips to move your teams towards one day delivery cycles.
Keywords: Development, effectiveness, productivity, agile
Target Audience: Anyone involved in software delivery who feels like it's much harder than it needs to be but can't put their finger on why.

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Dan North, Agile troublemaker, developer, originator of BDD

Dan North

Biography: Dan North

Dan writes software and coaches teams in agile and lean methods. He believes in putting people first and writing simple, pragmatic software. He believes that most problems that teams face are about communication, and all the others are too. This is why he puts so much emphasis on "getting the words right", and why he is so passionate about behaviour-driven development, communication and how people learn. He has been working in the IT industry since he graduated in 1991, and he occasionally blogs at

Software Passion: I have two software passions: helping good teams become great, and delivering awesome software to delighted stakeholders.

Personal blog:
Twitter: @tastapod
Dan started JBehave and contributed to RSpec.
Dan wrote a couple of chapters of the RSpec Book and contributed one of the 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know.