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Hadi Hariri, Developer, speaker, podcaster and Technical Evangelist at JetBrains

Hadi Hariri

Biography: Hadi Hariri

Hadi Hariri is a developer, speaker, podcaster and Technical Evangelist at JetBrains. His passions include software architecture and web development. Book author and frequent contributor to developer publications, Hadi has been speaking at industry events for over a decade. He is based in Spain where he lives with his wife and two sons, and runs the .NET Malaga User Group. He is also an ASP.NET MVP and ASP.NET Insider.

Follow him on Twitter: @hhariri
Books: Introducci??n a Windows Communication Foundation, Delphi Developer's Guide to Internet Direct (With CD-ROM)

Presentation: Developers: The Prima Donnas of the 21st Century

Track: It's about the people, stupid / Time: Tuesday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: 2nd Floor Balcony, Musikhuset

We are developers. We are creators. We are misunderstood by customers, by managers and even co-workers, we are undervalued and often overworked. People don't appreciate the value we put in our craft and and our drive for innovation. We are central to business in the 21st century yet people don't appreciate us! " Of course you are, but you also forgot to mention: You suck at communication. You often put business at risk based on personal ambitions and waste serious amounts of time trying to improve and discuss the wrong things, all in the name of the next great thing that's going to solve it all. You've completely forgotten the plot! Don't believe me? Why don't you come along to this talk and get a wake up call. But don't expect to be treated nicely.

Presentation: Kotlin: A new language - Because we've lived through a lot

Track: Vendor Case Studies 2 / Time: Wednesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: 2nd Floor Balcony, Musikhuset

At JetBrains, we focus on productivity. We try and eliminate busy-work and let developers focus on code, on trying to solve the problems they are meant to solve. We've done this successfully for over a decade by bringing out an array of award-winning tools. During this time we've worked extensively with Java and a slew of other languages and understood the problems, the shortcomings and the issues in all these languages. Our experience has given birth to Kotlin: An Open Source language that is fully compatible with JVM and compiles down to Java bytecode and JavaScript. The best part is, you don't have to throw the baby out with the bath water to use Kotlin. Join us and find out more!


Level: Beginners 

Workshop: ReSharper Inside Out

Track: Productivity Tools Training / Time: Thursday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Room 4

In this full day workshop, we're going to refresh your knowledge about mainstream ReSharper functionality, and learn about many of the overlooked features of ReSharper. Beyond the simple navigation, we'll learn how to effectively navigate legacy codebases using advanced navigation features, inspections, usage search, and value/call tracking. We'll learn about using some of the less known yet very useful automatic refactorings that ReSharper offers. We'll dive deeply into code inspections and learn not only how to configure them but extend them using Structural Search and Replace. We'll create and extend all the different types of templates ReSharper offers, as well as learn how to do effective TDD/BDD. We'll also dig into the configuration features ReSharper offers and see how to effectively configure ReSharper for yourself, your team and your company.

After getting a firm grip of everything ReSharper offers, we'll get into extending ReSharper. After an overview of ReSharper's architecture, we'll see how we can extend it using ReSharper SDK, learning about the different types of extensibility points that ReSharper offers. And if all that isn't enough, we'll top it off with some of ReSharper's best kept secrets!

Warning: This is workshop is not for the ReSharper newbie. Pre-requisite: Laptop. Mouse must be left at home and touchpad disabled!

Workshop: Web Development with ExpressJS

Track: Web Technologies Training / Time: Friday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Room 3

Spend this full day workshop learning about web development with NodeJS and in particular with ExpressJS, an extremely light-weight Sinatra influenced framework for NodeJS. We'll learn the basics of HTTP, headers, bodys, status codes, requests and responses, everything that you should have known about web development but that has been abstracted from us by heavy-weight frameworks. We'll then dive into the architecture of ExpressJS cover routing, views, models, sessions, authentication and security among other things. We'll see how to drive web applications using TDD, never losing sight of using good practices to create maintainable applications.