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Presentation: "3D apps on any platform"

Track: Open platforms / Time: Tuesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: 2nd Floor Balcony, Musikhuset

Unity is growing to become the dominant tool for making not only  3D games, but all sorts of applications requiring 3D interaction.
It is a crossplatform tool, that allows you to publish to several different platforms, including PC/Mac/Linux, Web, Smartphones and Pads, plus Game Consoles.
Unity was developed in 2005 by the Danish company Unity Technologies (now headquartered in San Francisco), and has 2 million registered users.

The presentation gives a short introduction to how the tool works, and what makes it useful. Such as:
- fast iteration
- good integration with other content development apps
- Extensibility through Mono
- easy multiplatform deployment
- relatively low price (the basic version is free)

The talk will conclude with some examples of what can be done with Unity.

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Lars Kroll Kristensen, Development Director at Unity Studios

Lars Kroll Kristensen

Biography: Lars Kroll Kristensen

Worked as a researcher in Ericcson telebit, 2001-2003. Founder and CEO of “Runestone Game Development” in 2003, developing the award winning “Seed”, the first MMORPG developed and launched in Denmark. Became employee number seven in Unity technologies, starting up Unity Studios in 2007 and has worked as Technical Director, then Development Director ever since.