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Presentation: "How to get Open Data into the Hands of Activists"

Track: Open Data / eGov / Time: Tuesday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

Social activists respond by organising and technical activists react by inventing. Imagine the possibilities when social and digital activists connect fluidly. Open Data may well be the pallette upon which they blend their worlds. Yet, in itself , Open Data is not enough. We need to transform Open Data into common knowledge. This talk explores the connection between activism and Open Data. I propose the need for Open Analytics to change Open Data into common knowledge - knowledge that can be used by social activists.

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Aslam Khan, African software developer by birth, by choice, for life

Aslam Khan

Biography: Aslam Khan

Aslam is just another software developer that gets humbled by the design challenges he gets to face. Despite this, it is the reality of life in Africa that keeps his spirit in check. His appreciation for Open Data came from working on national statistics systems that measured the major social and economic indicators for South Africa. Like every citizen of Africa he is an activist by default. Having battled through the apartheid years of South Africa, he now sees a need for a new wave of activism - how to mobilise every person to be a democracy builder.

Aslam, together with Ryan Lemmer, make up Stillpoint Software, a Cape Town based software consultancy and learning centre. Together, they use Still Point as a vehicle to help Africans find a career in software development, building solutions for Africa, a little bit at a time.