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Presentation: "Realtime communication with WebRTC"

Track: HTML5 Front-End du jour / Time: Monday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Lille Sal, Musikhuset

In this session, Sam Dutton explains how to get started with building a WebRTC app:
- what’s a MediaStream (aka getUserMedia) and how can I use it?
- constraints: choosing resolution, camera and more
- signalling: what is it and how can I set it up?
- servers: what do I need?
- RTCPeerConnection: WebRTC’s most powerful API
- RTCDataChannel: realtime communication of arbitrary data
- integrating WebRTC with Web Audio
- how to avoid reinventing the wheel: shims, libraries and frameworks
- security

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Sam Dutton, Developer Advocate for Chrom

Sam Dutton

Biography: Sam Dutton

Sam Dutton is a Developer Advocate for Chrome in London, specialising in WebRTC, OWP, media APIs, and the mobile web. Sam has designed and coded numerous websites as well as native desktop and mobile applications. He previously worked for BBC R&D, ITN, Decca Records and Picador Books, and has run Code Clubs at Ravenstone Primary School in south London.