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HTML5 Front-End du jour

Dio Synodinos
Track abstract
The Web Platform has been getting increased adoption the last few years, largely thanks to the evolution of its core technology - HTML. The various APIs that got implemented by browser vendors and are standardized with versions 5 and 5.1, are very powerful tools in the hands of developers and designers. They enable them to rapidly create innovative applications and deliver them to desktop and mobile without having to worry (too much) about operating systems or other runtimes. Technologies like SVG, Canvas and WebGL for visualisations WebSockets and Push for improved networking, various APIs for client-site DBs and filesystem access, device-specific APIs both for desktop and mobile, and powerful scripting support via JavaScript either as a primary language or assembly, are making HTML5 one of the most appealing environments for building all sorts of applications. This track is about these new and exciting possibilities that HTML5 brings, and how you can make most of them. Leading experts in the field will provide valuable insight into how they leverage HTML5 for building novel products and services. Beyond plain technology, presentations will cover several issues like motivations, best-practices, security considerations, deployment patterns and more.
HTML5 Front-End du jour
ROOM Lille Sal, Musikhuset
Day Monday (30th Sep.)