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Presentation: "Why code in Node.js often gets rejected by SoundCloud"

Track: JS beyond the browser / Time: Monday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Lille Sal, Musikhuset

At SoundCloud we ask candidates to send us some code before inviting them in for interviews. Candidates can use whatever language they want, and over the past years we saw a massive rise on the number of submissions using server-side JavaScript. Unfortunately, too many submissions are asynchronous blobs of procedural code.

JavaScript is a fairly functional language, and over the past decades Functional Programming developed interesting solutions for many of the problems we face when writing Node.js and regular JavaScript. Let's talk about how to leverage good old Functional Programming techniques to make code less coupled and more readable!

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Phil Calcado, Soundcloud

Phil Calcado

Biography: Phil Calcado

Phil Calçado is a Director of Engineering at SoundCloud, where he writes code and helps teams build a scalable and maintainable service. Before moving to Berlin, he spent four years as a Lead Consultant for ThoughtWorks, where he helped clients build systems in whatever crazy stack they had decided to use.

Twitter: @pcalcado