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Bob Forma, Passionate Agile Software Engineer

Bob Forma

Biography: Bob Forma

Bob is a passionate Agile Software Engineer. He uses a diversity of technologies, such as Ruby, Java and JavaScript, to develop software for companies of any size. He is a strong believer of Agile software development methodologies and an avid user of XP practices such as Pair Programming, Continuous Integration and Test-Driven Development. The past 8 years he has worked for a variety of companies and industries as a Software Engineer and Scrum Master. Currently, Bob works for Zilverline where he develops a web-based invoicing/accounting system in Ruby using Event Sourcing and CQRS.

Twitter: @bforma

Presentation: Event sourcing in production systems

Track: Cool Companies / Time: Tuesday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Administratiezaal

Want to know how to apply the principles of source control or accounting to your business data? In this technical session we will show you how to add the time dimension to your data by using event sourcing. We will share our experiences building and running an event sourced web application in the financial domain.
Warning: This session will contain lots of code examples.