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Internet of Things

Dan Roden
Track abstract
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic at the moment. Low power devices and sensors that are able to communicate with each other over networks, allow great opportunities for bridging the virtual and physical worlds in many areas including home and supply chain automation, wearables, retail and security.

Gartner predict the number of IoT devices will grow to 26 billion by 2020, vastly outnumbering mobile devices, bringing with it a huge opportunity for services required to connect, manage and interact with the these devices.

This track will be looking at the Internet of Things from a number of perspectives such as:

  • How as develelopers we can use our existing skills to build IoT solutions.
  • Inspiring ideas of how we can use the Internet of Things to enchance our creative use of technology.
  • How we can ensure that the solutions we build are secure, robust and can integrate into the wider environment around us.
  • Schedule
    Internet of Things
    ROOM Glazen Zaal
    Day Thursday (19th Jun.)