GOTO Amsterdam (June 13-15, 2016) is a vendor independent international software development conference with more than 60 top speakers and 800 attendees. The conference covers topics such as Microservices, Rugged, JavaScript, Post-Agile, Data, Spring++, Connected Worlds & Philosophy.

Presentation: "Development"

Track: Lightning Talks / Time: Tuesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Beursfoyer

Surviving Crappy Internet / 10:20 - 10:35

Prerequisite attendee experience level: beginner

How does your app behave when a user suddenly goes offline? What happens when a package gets lost? Do you know?
Fact is, you don't have to live in some obscure African country to have less than perfect internet conditions. We all find ourselves offline sometimes. How does your app behave in these circumstances?
This short talk gives web and mobile developers the tools to test and build for less than perfect conditions.

by Anouk Ruhaak

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What Developers should Know about Design / 10:40 - 10:55

Prerequisite attendee experience level: beginner

Understanding design in our age is like being able to read in the Middle Ages, it gives you an advantage in communication. No matter how technically advanced your product is, design is what sells it. Unfortunately, not every project has a dedicated designer. Furthermore, to effectively implement graphical designs, it is necessary for a developer to understand why a design is the way it is. In this interview style discussion between a developer and a designer, we would like to discus a few concepts like proportions, composition and color that can help developers understand design and employ these in those moments when no designer is available. This talk gives the developer some practical insights into the world of design.

by Livia Rickli & Erwin de Gier

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Anouk Ruhaak, iOS Developer

Anouk Ruhaak

Biography: Anouk Ruhaak

Anouk started her professional career as an economist, but quickly turned to coding. Currently, she works as a freelance iOS developer in Berlin, writing code in Swift and Objective C. She likes to learn for the sake of learning and to help others do the same. When she's not busy writing code you can find her travelling the world, or learning how to make a decent curry (tips welcome!).

Twitter: @anoukruhaak

Erwin de Gier, Software Architect at Sogeti

Erwin de Gier

Biography: Erwin de Gier

Erwin is a Software Architect in the Sogeti Java Center of Excelence. He designs software solutions based on open source technology and helps teams getting started with their projects. Next to this he is a certified Scrum Master and trainer of several Java courses. He also supervises graduates during their final thesis. Erwin likes to share knowledge by giving workshops and presentations.

Twitter: @erwindeg

Livia Rickli, UX Designer at Sogeti

Livia Rickli

Biography: Livia Rickli

Livia is an experienced UX & UI Designer, currently employed by Sogeti. She has created logo's, brand books, web designs and app designs for a large amount of different clients. As a former Speech Therapist, she has excellent presentation and communication skills. She is actively passing on her knowledge through training and presentations.