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Carlo Zapponi, Data Visualization Specialist at Microsoft

Carlo Zapponi

Biography: Carlo Zapponi

Carlo Zapponi is a Maker. He likes to get his hands dirty with data, code, design and wires. With a background in Computer Science (University of Bologna, Italy) and Interaction Design (Domus Academy, Milan, Italy) he is passionate about everything that mixes design and technology with a special focus on the user.

Carlo works as Data Visualization Specialist at Microsoft where he transforms consumer data into lively visualizations with the aim of understanding the consumers and their behaviors. In the past he was Senior Design Technologist at frog design.

His projects in Data Visualization have been featured in magazines, books and exhibitions.

Twitter: @littleark

Presentation: Bioluminescent Creatures of the Deep Sea

Track: Visual Programming & Data Visualization / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Hall 5

Quicksort. Heapsort. Bubblesort. Sorting algorithms are computational processes used to organize elements of a sequence in a certain order. In the last months I have tried to understand and transform the data left behind sorting algorithms into elegant visual forms that could help highlight the unique characteristics of each algorithm and find hidden patterns.

SORTING is the result of this exploration.

This session will explore some of the most famous and interesting sorting algorithms through their history, implementation and visualization.