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Enver Haase, Project Manager at Vaadin

Enver Haase

Biography: Enver Haase

Enver's history with computers dates back to his 1983 Commodore 64 which he still enjoys at times. While he focused on the combination of Java and embedded devices in Consumer Electronics and Automation most of his career, seeing the business potential of the Vaadin framework made him jump ship.

Enver is with the Vaadin team since late 2014.

Presentation: Vaadin - Rock your Web Apps

Track: Solution's Track Friday / Time: Friday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Hall 7

Vaadin is an open source web application framework for rich internet applications.

It makes coding web applications in Java very easy, no knowledge about front-end technologies is needed to write an easily maintainable business application.

This talk is an introduction to both Vaadin as a company and its flagship product, the Vaadin Framework.

It points out when the framework is a great fit to your needs and when it is not. Some programming examples are shown and also the few things that are needed to make you shine as a programmer for surprisingly quick and good-looking results.

In addition, Vaadin is a very useful tool for Home Automation, Internet of Things and even Industry4.0 scenarios. A real-life traffic light and sensor combo will showcase this.