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Presentation: "Cross-Platform Tools: Build once and Run Everywhere"

Track: Mobile Technologies: Native + Web / Time: Tuesday 16:50 - 17:50 / Location: KeynoteRoom

More and more often our customers address our company and ask the same question: is it to true that you can create an application that would run across different mobile platforms? The benefits for business are evident: lower costs and time-to-market make this option really fascinating.

Our aim is to provide an unbiased overview as we are totally independent from those who develop these frameworks and libraries. We hope that a lot of companies and developers will find the results we achieved to be of value. After we have explored a large number of tools designed for minimizing development efforts, we arranged them into three groups:

1. JavaScript Libraries are aimed at creating single unified interface for different platforms. Some of them use well-liked iPhone-style user interface, others create their own. We have explored and compared such tools as Sencha, jQuery Mobile, Jo.

2. Application frameworks. If you decide to start cross-platform Web application development, you might want to get a closer look at such tools as Rhomobile and The-M-Project. While Rhomobile employs becoming more and more popular Ruby, The-M-Project uses JavaScript running on Node.js server.

3. Tools for running embedded Web applications on native platforms. Unlike the above mentioned solutions, this group unites tools that enable developing embedded Web applications that do not require permanent Internet connection. The good news is that you don’t need to know Objective-C or Java to develop native apps for iOS or Android. The presentation will cover the following tools: PhoneGap, MoSync, Appcelerator, and Antenna.

Keywords: cross-platform tools, android applications, ios applications, html 5, css 3, android, blackberry, iOS, Symbian, jQuery mobile, MoSync, RhoMobile, Sencha, Jo, PhoneGap

Target audience: the session would be of equal interest for developers working with the tools, as well as for managers and executives thinking of the best options for their cross-platform apps.

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Alexey Karpik, Web Platform Developer at Altoros

Alexey Karpik

Biography: Alexey Karpik

Alexey Karpik, a Senior Web platform developer at Altoros, has 7+ years’ experience and his expertise covers PHP, Java, and Python. Now, he is more focused on Web platform and Mobile development, including building apps for Android and iOS.

Alexey is a frequent speaker and attendant of different conferences, meetups, and barcamps. Being a participant of Mashup Contest, California, USA, he successfully coped with a task to create an app from scratch using various API presented at the conference during 24 hours.

Deep believer in the importance of knowledge transfer and information exchange, Alexey tries to keep up-to-date and willingly shares his ideas and investigations with the global community.