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Presentation: "From virtual user involvement to physical products"

Track: Products for People / Time: Tuesday 10:35 - 11:35 / Location: Room 203 / 204

Most can agree that end users have valuable input when new products are being developed. But how can you systematically integrate them in a company’s development process and how can you handle ideas that don’t fit into existing business plans? One of Coloplast solutions is an online community sponsored by the company, but it is administrated and moderated by the users themselves. Is it easy? No, but it’s very exciting and offers a huge innovation potential. The presentation contains a practical case on how Coloplast uses virtual co-creation in product development.

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Jesper Mads Bartroff Frederiksen, Front End Innovation at Coloplast AS

Jesper Mads Bartroff Frederiksen

Biography: Jesper Mads Bartroff Frederiksen

Jesper Frederiksen has worked with product development for more than 10 years – the past six years within medical devices for intimate healthcare at Coloplast. His latest role was as project manager for the development and implementation of a new online community for virtual co-creation called “Innovation by you”.

Jesper has an educational background as engineer combined with a diploma in organization and management.

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