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Presentation: "Launching Kanban teams"

Track: Lean and Kanban case studies / Time: Monday 15:35 - 16:35 / Location: Room 102 / 103

Late 2011 I faced the challenge of getting 16 teams in 3 organizations up and running using Kanban in just a few months. It was a total of more than 200 people, most with little or no experience in Agile or Lean, and all of them in need of training, kickstarts and coaching. Sounds challenging? It was! But also a challenge I could not resist. So far results are promising and no doubt exiting adventures lie ahead. In this talk I will share my experiences in doing this. What we did. The challenges involved, mistakes made, initial successes and of course data to back it up. Though evolutionary by nature Kanban doesn’t make change management easy and even when introducing a change method there are key things you need to consider when communicating both the purpose and the emergent practices.

Spiced with experiences from previous longer term engagements I will discuss the many aspects of implementing Kanban in a variety of domains and organizational structures, the important aspects to focus on and how to get teams up and running FAST when time and budget are limiting factors.

Please notice, this is not an introductory talk and I will not cover the principles of the Kanban change method beyond a quick 1 min. reminder.

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Jesper Boeg, Agile/Lean Coach and Author of Priming Kanban

Jesper Boeg

Biography: Jesper Boeg

Jesper has worked as Agile Coach and Consultant for the past 5 years and is now in charge of Trifork’s department for “Agile Excellence”. He has a Masters degree from Aalborg University in the area of Information Systems and wrote his thesis on how to successfully manage distributed software teams.

Jesper helps teams and organizations adopt Agile and Lean practices with a relentless focus on flow and the creation of highly motivated teams. He believes that measuring the wrong things and lack of communication are the roots to all evil, and trust can only be established through transparency in the entire organization. Jesper’s work is guided by Lean principles and the believe that to achieve success one must look at the entire value stream to establishment flow and continuous improvement.

It is Jesper’s experience that specific Agile Best Practices rule sets are enforced in many organizations, which is unhealthy in terms of continuous improvement and counter to the values of Agile. Ultimately restricting teams from using the resources at hand effectively and adapt to the context they are faced with.