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Lars Kruse, Partner Praqma

Lars Kruse

Biography: Lars Kruse

Lars Kruse is partner and co-founder of Praqma, a consultancy bureau specialized in services within optimization of software development processes and maintenance and development of Open Source tools for this purpose. Lars holds a M.Sc in computer science and communication theory and has many years of experience in software configuration management, processes automation, quality assurance and agile software development.
Twitter: @Lakruzz

Presentation: Preparing the ecosystem for Continuous Delivery at Atmel

Track: Solutions Track 1 / Time: Monday 17:00 - 17:50 / Location: Børsen

Covering the tracks and paths that was thread in Atmel's journey to a Continuous Delivery compliant R&D infrastructure: A small team at Atmel, responsible for developing tools and IDE for embedded software development had an explicit and well implemented Do The Right Thing approach to software development. All in all, the DevOps and continuous delivery knowledge was already available in-house, the challenge was how to roll it out into the entire Atmel organization to become the overall How-We-Work approach. It's a story with a morale that "tools are easy enough, it's organization change that is hard