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Torben Mejlvang Hagensen, Lead architect and Product Manager for Systematic

Torben Mejlvang Hagensen

Biography: Torben Mejlvang Hagensen

Torben is Lead architect and Product Manager for Systematics Healthcare IT products. He has more than 25 year experience in software development, mostly within the healthcare domain. He is passionate about building the right solutions to provide maximal value for the customers, and spends most of his time communicating with stakeholders and the development teams about the goals for the product development. Torben is currently the chief product owner of the new Columna Cura product to the Municipality of Aarhus and the lead of a team of four product owners, including himself.

Presentation: Outcome Delivery with the Mobius Loop

Track: Game changing methods and practices / Time: Monday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Amalienborg

Agile and Lean teams can go extremely fast. If they are heading in the wrong direction, they will simply fail faster.

In 50 minutes you will get three talks that will take you on the journey of why outcomes matter.

The first talk will be a walkthrough on the Mobius loop, a framework that helps you discover and deliver outcomes rather than outputs.

The second talk is a case study of a B2B travel company who used Mobius to transform the organization and build their products.

The third is a Government project for Aarhus Health Municipality delivered by Systematic, that used Mobius and an outcomes based approach from contract through to delivery.

It will be a practical and true to life session, sharing our how-to’s and lessons learned.