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Benjamin Mitchell, Systems Thinking, Lean and Kanban for Software Product Development

Benjamin Mitchell

Biography: Benjamin Mitchell

I work with leading software product development organisations to assist them to become more effective at achieving their business goals. I do this through helping senior leaders and teams focus on building and validating what the right products are by understanding customer demand and using iterative development approaches. I accelerate learning in organisations by helping them develop productive communication skills that allow them to make better quality decisions. I have practical real-world experience delivering software projects with exceptional results based on practical, implementable advice. I am a highly-rated international speaker on applying innovative approaches, such as Kanban, to software development. Based in London, I work with clients as a speaker, executive coach or team consultant.

Presentation: Implementing Lean/Kanban/Systems Thinking with Humans

Track: Agile Wednesday / Time: Wednesday 11:45 - 12:30 / Location: Don Giovanni 1

This talk will be an improvement of the QCon London talk andlook at how to help teams adopt new approaches, especially in situations wherepeople may act defensively because they feel embarrassed or threatened by thechanges.  The situations arise where groups from different departments orfunctional roles have to change the way they work together. Overcoming thesesituations is critical to achieving more effective results and involveslearning to adopt a different mindset and behaviours. Models and tools to helpwill be presented.