GOTO is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 90 top speaker and 1300 attendees. The conference cover topics such as .Net, Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture and Design, Web, Cloud, New Languages and Processes

Dmitry Buzdin, JUG Leader Latvia

Dmitry Buzdin

Biography: Dmitry Buzdin

Dmitry is a coding architect specializing in Rich Internet Application development employed at C.T.Co. He maintains a blog on GWT and Agile and has spend the last four years on development of GWT based projects. Dmitry is passionate about Agile development practices and emerging technologies, which make your work more productive. His current interests are JVM alternative languages, DSLs, Cloud computing, HTML5 and parallelization. Dmitry holds Master's degree in Computer Science. In his spare time Dmitry helps to run Java and Agile user groups in Latvia.

Presentation: Google Web Toolkit Today and Beyond

Track: Solution Track Wednesday / Time: Wednesday 11:45 - 12:30 / Location: Don Giovanni 3

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is an advanced modular Java to JavaScript compiler. It has versatile usage possibilities and customization approaches. This talk provides a brief overview of GWT latest version and describes what are the typical usages of that in Web, Mobile and Enterprise environments. Core trends, libraries and technologies in GWT Ecosystem, which unlock full potential of the technology, will be covered.
This talk provides an overview of where GWT fits in the development world today and what to expect from that in the nearest future. The talk is based on more than a four years journey with GWT. You will have a solid understanding of what problems are solved by GWT and where it stands compared to competing technologies.

Presentation: Playing with Play Framework

Track: Solution Track Wednesday / Time: Wednesday 14:30 - 15:15 / Location: Don Giovanni 3

Play framework is one of the most productive tools to build page-oriented Web applications in Java or Scala as of today. Play brings joy of programming back to Java language and has very intriguing selling points such as instant code refresh, high scalability, embedded testing, JPA support and more. Framework's main goal is to provide statically-typed languages with productivity benefits comparable to tools like Rails/Grails/Django. The talk will provide an overview of Play most compelling features and capabilities. In the long run this framework has all the chances to be the tool of the choice for your next start-up Web project. Possibilities of integration with other Web technologies (such as Google Web Toolkit) via extension modules will be also covered.
After the talk you will have an understanding of how to start development with Play and what are the potential benefits of that.