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Mischa Ramseyer, Management & Leadership Expert

Mischa Ramseyer

Biography: Mischa Ramseyer

Mischa Ramseyer is an independent Agile Coach & Trainer at pragmatic solutions gmbh with over 15 years experience in building large scaled, complex software systems. Today he guides companies thru Agile transformations towards the Pragmatic Organisation, where the culture nurtures continuous innovation and the organisation is focused on delighting their clients with the right product in the right quality. Mischa specialized in Continuous Innovation, Management 3.0 - Agile Leadership Practices and Agile Product Development with Scrum & Kanban. He truly beliefs that Agile Values & Priciples help transform the workplace into something better and therefore is an active contributor to the Lean, Agile & Scrum special interest group of SwissICT.

Twitter: @ramsyman

Presentation: Preventing the "5 Deadly Diseases of Management"

Track: Leaders Track: Team, Values, Contracting / Time: Wednesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Pendulum

In 1984 Dr. W. Edwards Deming (best known for the "Plan - Do - Check - Act" cycle) foresaw the current economic crisis and its causes. He considered the "5 Deadly Diseases of Management" to be the root of the problem. In his virtual interview with Dr. Deming (who passed away in 1993), Mischa Ramseyer will take a closer look at these diseases - which are still prevalent today - and present some agile management recipes on how to prevent and cure these in today's world.